Review by Tina B.
United States, on Apr 8, 2022

Beautiful well made little bear. So detailed. William came in a beautiful box that I will keep him displayed in. He's just precious

Thank you very much Tina🥰❤️💐I am very happy that William is with you🥰🥰🥰
Ilona Vorotyntseva
Review by Julie C.
United States, on Feb 2, 2022

I love all of my little bears from Ilona! Fanny is really cute and her clothes are amazing!

Dear Julie 💐Thank you very much🥰💐😍
Ilona Vorotyntseva
Review by Muneko G.
Japan, on Jan 22, 2022

He is so small and so beautiful!! I love him. Thank you.

Thank you 💐! I'm very glad that you love him🥰😍
Ilona Vorotyntseva
Review by SHERRY-ANN O.
Canada, on Sep 29, 2021

Paul is a perfect little bear! He is just wonderful to hold, and he has a perfect face. I am very happy with my little bear and hope to adopt another of Paul's friends soon.

Thank you very much 🥰❤️💐 I'm very happy that you are in love Paul 🧸🥰❤️
Ilona Vorotyntseva
Review by Maria J.
United States, on Aug 14, 2021

Such a sweet teddy. Fits right into my teddy dollhouse

Thank you very much Maria🤗💐🥰
Ilona Vorotyntseva
Review by Julie C.
United States, on Jun 4, 2021

Vicky is just adorable! The tiny mushrooms are amazing and the embroidery on her vest is wonderful. I am amazed at Ilona's intricate work. I received Vicky quickly with the Fed-Ex option and she arrived in the cutest little hand-painted box. Thanks Ilona, you are the BEST!

Dear Juliе 🤗Thank you very much for such kind words to me🙏🥰😍💐
Ilona Vorotyntseva
Review by Julie C.
United States, on May 21, 2021

Moli is just adorable! His wings are so cute! Ilona is such a creative bear artist. I spent the extra money for Fed-Ex shipping and Moli arrived very quickly. This is my third bear from Ilona and each one is different and wonderful!

It's wonderful how quickly Moli flew, he helped the flight with his wings so that I could be with you faster 🧸🦋🥰 Julie thank you very much for the kind words and for the love for my bear 🥰❤️😍 I sent the Fed-Ex by this mail for the first time and yes they delivered very quickly, I am very glad 😍😍😍
Ilona Vorotyntseva
Review by Julie C.
United States, on May 16, 2021

Meli is Adorable! The tiny bees are her vest are amazing. Ilona is so creative. So glad I found her creations!

Oh Juliе, thank you very much 🙏💐🥰 I'm very glad that you are in love with my bears and you are pleased with the tiny details that I make🥰😍🤗
Ilona Vorotyntseva
Review by Aya I.
Singapore, on May 13, 2021

Ri-Ri is my first panda from Ilona~ He is so cute and will always remind me of the real Riri Panda at Ueno Zoo I met! <3

Oh Adrianne Thank you very much🙏💐😍❤️🥰 It's great that little bear Ri Ri will remind you of meeting the real panda Ri Ri🐼❤️
Ilona Vorotyntseva
Review by Julie C.
United States, on Apr 25, 2021

Nico is just adorable! Ilona is really talented, to have such detail in a small package. I love both of the bears I have purchased!

Oh Julia 🥰❤️Thank you very much💐😍❤️🥰
Ilona Vorotyntseva
Review by Linda C.
Australia, on Apr 16, 2021

The cutest little bear, perfectly formed and the rocking chair is so special. Thank you for creating this lovely little Uma bear. Very happy!

Linda Thank you very much🥰❤️💐I am very happy that Uma is already with you🥰
Ilona Vorotyntseva
Review by Julie C.
United States, on Apr 13, 2021

Hoho is just adorable and tiny and arrived relatively quickly.
Ilona is a very wonderful and creative bear artist!

Thank you very much Julie❤️🥰😍 I'm so glad that Ho-ho is with you🥰
Ilona Vorotyntseva